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AreaBluetooth FAQ

How much does the AreaBluetooth products cost?
Please go to the link buy to see the current price list and promotions

Does the license expire?
No, the license does not expire.

How many concurrent connections can AreaBluetooth Server have?
The maximum number of concurrent connections for AreaBluetooth Server(ABS21X) is 21.

How many concurrent connections can AreaBluetooth Light have
AreaBluetooth Light can establish up to 7 simultaneous connections.

What type of contents can I send?
AreaBluetooth allows you to send any type of file, from a text file to a still image, audio files, games, video clips. Most Bluetooth enabled mobile devices can play high definition contents including animations, videos and songs.

click here for more information.

Do I need a special hardware to run AreaBluetooth Light?
Yes, if computer does not have a bluetooth transmitter, you will need to purchase a USB bluetooth device. You can get one for as low as u$s10 on any computer or mobile phone store.

What type of Bluetooth transmitter (dongles) can I use?
You can Use any deve compatible with Microsoft embedded drivers, BlueSoleil, WidComm or Toshiba using Windows XP service pack 2 o superior. Our personal recommendation are the Linksys BT100 unisg the navive Microsoft drivers.

To get a list of the native windows compatible drivers, click here;

What is difference between the SHAREWARE and the REGISTERED version of AreaBluetooth Light?
The SHAREWARE version works for 30 minute intervals and sends our Banner along with your campaigns.

Can I use AreaBluetooth Light software on different devices using the same license?
No, the license is unique per device. You need to purchase one license for each device you intent to use with AreaBluetooth Light.

What is the coverage distance of the system?
The coverage distance depends on the bluetooth dongle used and the capability of the remote mobile device. Using a Bluetooth dongle class 1 you could reach up to 100 meters provided that there are no interferences or obstacles.

In the following table you can see those ranges depending on the class.

Class Maximum permitted power mW (dBm) Range (approximate)
Class 1 100 mW (20 dBm) ~100 meters
Class 2 2.5 mW (4 dBm) ~10 meters
Class 3 1 mW (0 dBm) ~1 meter

Can all mobile phones receive media contents trough Bluetooth?
No, the mobile device must be compliant with the wireless transmission of files trough the bluetooth connection and it must be compatible with the OBEX protocol. Most modern mobile phones are compatible with this technology. There are a few exceptions on mobile phones like iPhone and some Blackberry models that are bluetooth enabled, but the manufacturer has blocked the content transmission trough bluetooth.

I get an error message when I run AreaBluetooth Light. What can I do?
If you get an error “Bluetooth device not found or the divers are not compatible with this program” when you start the application; please make sure your Bluetooth dongle is connected and working. For more information please refer to the software help or contact us.

Can AreaBluetooth work with different mobile operators?
Yes, the bluetooth transmission system is independent form the mobile carrier, so you can sent your campaigns for free to any device without incurring in network costs and fees.


  • The messages are free for the sender and the receiver
  • Independent from the mobile operator company
  • Up to 5 times faster than GPRS connection
  • Non intrusive system. The user must accept the request before the contents are transmitted.
  • The system if fully schedulable and autonomous
  • The software interface is intuitive and multi-language


  • 01 de November 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 2.1

    - Emailing reports function
    - New registration Method
    - Several fixes
    - etc.
  • May 14 2009

    New Web Site on-line!

  • April 20 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 2.0

    - MultiDrivers Support Microsoft, Toshiba, WidComm and BlueSoleil
    - Events monitor
    - and more more more.
  • February 22 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 1.9

    - New features added BlackList & WhiteList.
  • December 04 2008

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 1.8

    - Adds the option to define and set a password to access the application
    - Adds the option to updated automatically the devise list
    - Option to check for updates at startup
    - Improved compatibility with 3G LG type M devicess.

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