AreaBluetooth Proximity Marketing Tools.

AreaBluetooth Represents the next generation of bluetooth proximity marketing systems, specially developed for the fast and easy deployment of your marketing campaigns and general communications.

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How does AreaBluetooth Works?

AreaBluetooth is a point to point transmission system that relays on the Bluetooth universal protocol.
When a bluetooth enabled device (mobile phone, PDA, computer, etc) enters the coverage area, the systems analyzes if there are available contents for the device and then prompts the user for authorization before sending your campaign media files.

Once the user receives the files, they can re-send and distribute the contents to other devices encouraging a viral marketing behavior.

Advantages of using AreaBluetooth

  • The messages are free for the sender and the receiver
  • Independent from the mobile operator company
  • Up to 5 times faster than GPRS connection
  • Non intrusive system. The user must accept the request before the contents are transmitted.
  • The system if fully schedulable and autonomous
  • The software interface is intuitive and multi-language

Where can I use AreaBluetooth?

  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • Clubs and discotheques
  • Airports and terminals
  • Fairs, conventions, concerts and events
  • Libraries
  • Resorts and recreation spots
  • Central stations
  • etc.

Keys for a successful proximity marketing campaign

It is convenient to locate the bluetooth hotspot on places where users can stop long enough to allow the system to make a complete transfer of the media content before the user exits the coverage area. During this time, the system check the user device for a suitable campaign, sends the authorization request to the mobile device and if accepted, transfers the media files.

Keep your media files small to reduce the transfer time and reduce the risk of errors produce by the mobile device leaving the coverage area. Tips on media file types.

Reinforce your Bluetooth Proximity Marketing campaigns with traditional media such as posters and signs to encourage people to turn on their bluetooth device service and accept your media contents. By doing this, you can increase your effectivity by a 25%


  • 01 de November 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 2.1

    - Emailing reports function
    - New registration Method
    - Several fixes
    - etc.
  • May 14 2009

    New Web Site on-line!

  • April 20 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 2.0

    - MultiDrivers Support Microsoft, Toshiba, WidComm and BlueSoleil
    - Events monitor
    - and more more more.
  • February 22 2009

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 1.9

    - New features added BlackList & WhiteList.
  • December 04 2008

    Release of AreaBluetooth Light 1.8

    - Adds the option to define and set a password to access the application
    - Adds the option to updated automatically the devise list
    - Option to check for updates at startup
    - Improved compatibility with 3G LG type M devicess.

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